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Avid creates the digital audio and video technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world - from the most prestigious and award-winning feature films, music recordings, television shows, live concert tours and news broadcasts, to music and movies made at home.

Avid Investor Video Series - September 12, 2014

Now that we have completed the restatement, we look forward to re-engaging more actively with our investor community. We'll be speaking with you on a more personal level soon, but in the interim we have created a series of videos featuring Avid President and CEO, Louis Hernandez, Jr. and our EVP, CFO and CAO, John Frederick. In this series, Louis and John provide an overview of our vision and strategy, the restatement process, our 2013 financial results, and Avid's financial model. We hope you find this information helpful.

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