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Reimagining Sustainability: An Avid Imperative

Avid serves an extremely diverse global marketplace for media & entertainment technology. From filmmaking, broadcast television and streaming services to recorded and live music, our customers are media visionaries who create art and tell stories that broaden perceptions, enrich lives and make the world brighter.

Across our company, we’re reimagining the many ways we innovate our business, products and services with a mind for responsible sustainability that can improve the world around us. Like our use of the cloud to let our customers’ editorial teams craft Hollywood blockbusters from anywhere. Or investing in our customer-led community association while it takes on the social issues that have held back inclusivity in media professions. And providing easier access to technical learning to inform new generations of creators.

We’re pursuing many opportunities to affect positive change both inside and out. Our disclosures describe our growing commitment to ensuring our operations become more sustainable, that our employees know they’re well supported, and that we’re doing our best to any manage risks and govern our practices.

In April 2022, Avid published our first Sustainability Report.  The process to create this was transformational—in beginning to capture data and analyze our impacts, we are creating a more responsible, resilient and transparent company.



Sustainability Report